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Top Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Web Bureau

05 June 2010 by Web Bureau

Most businesses measure the success of their email marketing or email newsletter in terms of the amount of emails opened and the clicks they generate. If your email marketing isn't going as well as you'd planned, here are some suggestions to help you to improve your email marketing efforts and the success of your email newsletter.

Frequency of emails:

How often are you sending your email campaigns? Are you bombarding your customers with too many emails? This is a common problem. Too often is too much, to infrequent doesn’t encourage communication and maintain interest.

Content of email marketing messages

Regular good quality content will help to keep your readers interested and your open rates up. Are your emails offers and news appealing enough? How does your emails compare to your competition?

Relevancy of your email newsletters

This is the biggest problem with most email. If the emails you send through have nothing relevant for a recipient why would they click-through?

Relevancy can be resolved in a number of ways including: sending to segments of your database each time rather than the whole list, using past email behaviour to determine interest and using tailored content blocks or dynamic content by using a solution such as The Web Bureaus e-mail marketing solution.

Email deliverability

Quite simply if your emails are not getting into the inbox or being labelled as junk it does not take a genius to work out that fewer people will open the email and even fewer will click-through.

Take proactive steps by ensuring your email provider is white listed and not blacklisted and that your email has been scored in a spam checking tool.

Professional Looking Emails

Ensure your email lands in the recipient’s inbox looking professional and tailored to your business look and feel. Ensure by testing the email that it doesn’t look mangled and unprofessional. Ensure it makes for easy reading. Regularly check and test your emails in a variety of browsers and email clients.

What should you Do

In particular what you should look at here would include:

Obvious Call to Action?
Does your message take into account the preview pane?
What does your HTML email look like with image blocking enabled?
These tips are always a good place to start if you use email marketing or are planning on starting your own campaigns. Of course other brainstorming activities such as looking at what your competitors are doing is also a good place to start.

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