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A Few Quick Tips for Email Marketing

Web Bureau

08 September 2010 by Web Bureau

Not only are we a web design company but we also try to help out from time to time -  here a few tips that may be of use when you are rolling out your email marketing campaigns. (hopefully using our system !!!)
  • Try to get the names and details of anonymous users by turning them into subscribers you can greet by asking them for their names. Personalisation will go a long way down the line when trying to atttact new business.
  • Look in depth at open rates - using this info your maybe able to get more info than you imagined when interpreted correctly.
  • Keep everyone as happy as possible - so always include an unsubscribe link - no users are better than unhappy users.
  • The connection to your ISP is one of the most important. So make sure they know that you're sending legitimate bulk email and won't disconnect you as a spammer.
  • Always make sure that the plain text and HTML parts of email messages do correspond correctly - this is an old spamming trick that you should follow.

To be continued...


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