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The Web Bureau Do the Biz! (Part 4: Motivation & Digital Entrepreneurship)

Web Bureau

11 February 2011 by Web Bureau

To conclude our series on Bizcamp Newry, I’ve summarised some motivational and inspiring messages we received from clinical hypnotherapist, Mike Fountain and marketing and media consultants, Sharon Hearty (Hearty Marketing) and Mark Nagurski (Own Brand Media).


Both Mike and Sharon’s presentations derived from their own personal experiences and a desire to support other people and businesses through difficult times.

Following a career in mechanical engineering, Mike altered his career path when he studied clinical hypnotherapy and used these skills to empower others.  Working as a mentor to small business owners on marketing, sales and organisational planning, his presentation focused on the concept of 90 day goal setting.  He explained how he applied this rule to his personal and business objectives, enabling him to achieve successes he wouldn’t have thought possible.  He also explained how joining mastermind groups enabled him to find like-minded people who support and challenge him to achieve new goals, a concept that Sharon Hearty is also a fan of.

Sharon, having spent over 20 years in marketing roles for major Belfast agencies experienced some big changes in her business and personal life, as a result of being made redundant and re-locating to Donegal.  She has since set up her own business and advised us to be bold in order to get what we most want out of life.  She told us to remove energy drains and negative constraints that drag us down, find our niche, adopt a positive mindset and turn ideas into action, rather than dismissing them as achievable.

She advised new business start-ups not to despair as the first year is always a dysfunctional one but as entrepreneurs to maintain your determination, perseverance and resourcefulness to overcome the dysfunction and be successful, a concept that we at the web bureau firmly agree with!  Mike and Sharon’s presentations inspired listeners, many of whom were able to relate to the messages shared. 

Digital Entrepreneurship

In our next Bizcamp adventure entitled ‘Being a Deviant’, Mark Nagurski of Own Brand Media, known as the Digital Derry Champion hoped to inspire some listeners into becoming digital entrepreneurs by introducing some new business models that are a little out of the ordinary! 

Mark introduced us to - run by a businessman who asks you to send him old knitted sweaters that you hate and have his mum turn them into matching hat and scarf sets!  A second example was Man Packs – a subscription based business for men who hate shopping and sign up to have essentials such as new socks, pants and toiletries auto-delivered each month.  These digital based businesses are innovative, practical and successful.

Mark believes that we need to start thinking about ideas in new ways.  Our ideas also need to be current and innovative and extend to markets well beyond the north of Ireland.  Also an advocate of developing communities of like-minded people to support new business starts, encourage new ideas and work together to ensure their collective success, he challenged us to come up with an innovative idea and make it happen!

If you have an innovative digital idea that you want to take to the next level, we are available to help you get that e-commerce website up and running!  Contact us at for more information. 


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