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5 Ways to Get More Website Leads

Web Bureau

16 April 2013 by Web Bureau

Your website should be more than a platform that speaks about the virtues of your business. It should also double as a channel that can generate productive leads. An SEO strategy can optimise your site and help generate more leads.

1.      The form

The most important lead generation tool on your website is the form that requests visitors to leave their personal details. There are different ways to optimise the form.

Placement Always provide the form in the top half of the page where it is clearly visible. Include the form on all pages of your website. If not possible, provide the form on all landing pages.

Optimum length Do not make the form too long or too short. While forms that are too long put off visitors, moderately long forms get you more productive leads when compared to very short forms. This is because only people who are truly interested in obtaining your services take the trouble of filling up more than just the name and email address columns.

Manipulate through content Rather than simply publishing a boring form, place attractive content on it. Tell visitors how they can benefit by sparing a few moments to fill some columns. Here is an example: “Receive the services that you want at a cost that you like. Just complete and submit the form below”. Additionally, use calls to action on submit buttons rather than generic words like “submit”.

2.      Blog regularly
Blogs can be a great source of lead generation, especially if you can engage the visitors enough to make them leave comments. Write interesting blog posts and post on a regular basis. Every comment posted on the blog acts as a lead. The good thing about these leads is that you know the visitor is interested in your services. So, you get a lot of productive leads through blogs.

3.      Contact number
Most of the website owners make the mistake of providing their contact number only on the “contact us” page or the home page. Instead, provide your contact number on top of every page. Interested visitors will definitely want to talk to you personally before buying from you. You can use the conversation to collect basic information about the callers.

4.      Trustworthiness
You could lose out on a lot of productive leads if visitors don’t trust you. You need to assure them that the information they leave on your form is never misused. So, write a robust privacy policy and include the link to the page in the contact form. This way, people having second thoughts about filling the form feel more confident about doing it.

5.      Free goodies
You can ask for the visitor’s contact details in return for special discounts, incentives and gifts on your website. For instance, write something like: “Fill this form to get 20% discount on any product of your choice”. This trick works more often than not.
Most importantly, you have to ensure that your website offers good user experience. If the content is not of the best quality or if the website is not user friendly, visitors will have second thoughts about making contact.

We hope our top tips help you boost your leads generated. If you need some advice or have a chat through some ideas, get in touch with our team of Digital Marketing experts.

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