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10 Tips to the Perfect Tweet

Web Bureau

20 August 2013 by Web Bureau

10 Tips to the Perfect Tweet

Twitter is an opportunity to network with people and build relationships in your business. Developing your business on Twitter by maintaining a presence will take time and effort. The right content coverts people into customers and turns customers into advocates. Follow these simple best practices to craft the perfect tweets.

1. Conversational: A genuine, approachable tone goes a long way. Try to avoid ‘ad-speak and use relatable language. Over time, your Tweets will convey your own voice and style.

2. Smart and witty: People respond to content that is entertaining and clever. Play off trending topics, current affairs and breaking conversations.

3. Fresh and timely: The real-time nature of the platform creates a short shelf life for content so Tweet often and about relevant topics.

4. Ask, listen and respond: Ask your followers questions to glean valuable insights. Listen for constructive comments and suggestions about your business. Show them you are listening by responding back in real time. Check your @replies regularly and respond to users questions.

5. Demonstrate wider leadership and knowhow: Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.

6. Tweet something sharable: Users come to Twitter to discover. Include a photo, ask a question, share a video, or even add a quote. Understand why people share things to create better Tweets.

7. Ask for Retweet: Tweets that contain the word ‘Retweet’ are 23 times more likely to be retweeted. Tweets that contain ‘RT’, the shortened form of retweet, are only 10 times more likely to be retweeted.

8. Hashtags: Tweets with hashtags receive double the engagement of tweets with no hashtags. Aim to include 1 – 2 hashtags per tweet.

9. Retweet Testimonials: Tweets are instant customer testimonials in 140 characters. If someone has mentioned you in a positive tweet, then retweet it for all your followers to see.

10. Follow Friday: On a Friday use the hashtag #FF to shine the light on your most engaged or interesting community members. Often they will return the favour.

This is an example of a coffee bars clever use of Twitter:  In order to retain the attention of Twitter followers, it’s important to post a variety of different tweets. Keep it interesting and fresh.  

 If you would like some guidance on how to create a social media footprint, or to enquire about an in-depth strategic social media campaign, feel free to get in touch.


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