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Magento 2: If you haven’t upgraded, you’re missing out

Web Bureau

08 August 2018 by Web Bureau

Magento 2: If you haven’t upgraded, you’re missing out

Magento Commerce has been the industry standard since 2008 and today is the world’s No.1 eCommerce platform with, at last count, more than a quarter of a million users around the world.

It’s our first choice for building eCommerce solutions because it’s the industry gold standard and it’s enabled us to build some of the most iconic websites in Ireland, across the UK and beyond. We’re already expert in everything Magento, have one of the most experienced Magento teams on the island of Ireland and are an established, trusted Magento partner for many of our clients.

Designed for growth and built for flexibility, this modern cloud commerce, open source platform, received a major upgrade a few years ago, making it even more flexible for trade and retail customers and incorporating solutions for every shopping experience, from email through mobile to in-store and marketplaces.

Perhaps most importantly, because we’re focused on enabling our clients’ growth, Magento enables us to offer a fully scalable platform that grows with their success. In fact, the potential is unlimited.

What’s New on Magento 2

Magento 2.0 offers even more of all the good stuff, making managing the site easier and your customer’s journey better:

It’s Faster

Magento 2 offers full page caching into the community edition, meaning your server no longer has to do many slow database queries to render pages. Load times speed from 5-10 seconds for non-cached pages to just 1-2 seconds. That’s fast!

This means that your site will run quicker, giving users a quick and smoother checkout experience.

Enhanced Database Performance

Magento 2 has the built-in capability to cope with previously problematic large websites. Rather than relying on one database, Magento 2 allows stores to separate tables. This means you can use one database for content pages, products and categories, for example, and another for users to maintain their cart data. Most importantly, this approach reduces system waiting time for queries.   

For Web Masters this means a more reliable solution to website management.  

Optimised Extensions

As it’s been built from the ground up, Magento 2 does away with old legacy code and means old extensions can be cleared out. This offers the opportunity to optimise extensions and rethink implementations. 

So if your site has an issue, having optimised extensions mean it will be much easier for your developer to discover what is wrong and fix it much more efficiently.

All three of these features deliver benefits that take the shopping experience to a whole new level, offering enhanced levels of user-friendliness and on-going scalability.

However: there’s one proviso. If you’re using an existing Magento-based site, it’s essential to fully understand the processes for upgrading and plan carefully for a smooth transition. 

Our highly experienced, Magento team will know exactly what to do, retaining essential data and building on it to deliver a seamless evolution with minimum disruption.

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