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Everything You Need To Know About TikTok For Businesses

Web Bureau

07 July 2020 by Web Bureau

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok For Businesses

TikTok has been a social media platform that all marketers have been on the fence about, is it another Vine, will it die out in the next year? Well, marketers' minds are about to be changed, as TikTok has launched their TikTok For Businesses. If the company has done it right they could be the next big platform and massive competition for both Facebook & Instagram advertising. 

If you are not aware of what TikTok is, it is a video app. You might be thinking “Well what is so great about that?” TikTok has found its niche in creating “challenges” and using hashtags, similar to Instagram, for people to find the content they want to see. There are lots of great features that allow everyday normal people to let their creative side shine.

Every marketer knows that video content is king, so it makes sense that TikTok has developed a way for businesses to showcase their brand using creative, lighthearted and funny videos to reach people on their platform.

Ad Options:

In-Feed Ads

Reach users in their personalised ‘For You’ feeds where this video format fits seamlessly alongside user-generated content.

  • 5-60 second, full-screen vertical video with sound-on
  • Optimise for traffic, conversion objectives, app installs and in-app events
  • Precise targeting options including interest, event-based behaviours, custom and lookalike audiences
  • Range of billing options, CPM, CPC, CPV and oCPC

Capture the attention of every TikTok user the moment they open the app with a full-screen takeover. TopView videos guarantee millions of views in a 24-hour period, producing incredible brand awareness and engagement results.

  • 5-60 second full-screen vertical video with sound-on
  • One-day takeover with 100% share of voice
  • Premium, brand-safe placement
  • Fully clickable format that supports internal and external landing page conversions
  • Encourages likes, comments, shares and follows

TopView Lite
Like TopView, this format is the first thing users see upon opening the app. Instantly deliver your message with our only sound-off product to achieve immediate impact in 5 seconds.

  • 3 second image or 3-5 second sound-off, full-screen vertical video
  • One-day takeover with 100% share of voice
  • Fully clickable format that supports internal and external landing page conversions
  • Encourages likes, comments, shares and follows

Branded Hashtag Challenge
Ready to start a viral movement? Choose our most talked-about format and watch as our creative community responds to your challenge by making and sharing videos of their own.

  • Six-day, single or multi-market campaign
  • Amplify with Creators, Branded Effects and bespoke music
  • Driven to by UGC, a One-Day-Max In-Feed Ad and a TopView Lite included within the bundle
  • Multiple in-app entry routes; Discover Page Banner, campaign hashtag, Music Page Recommendation

Branded Hashtag Challenge PLUS
All the exposure of a Branded Hashtag Challenge plus a seamless shoppable experience. Drive sales for your brand without leaving TikTok.

  • Encourage users to shop your campaign through an Explore tab on your hashtag landing page
  • Display store locations, product carousels and engage audiences with an instant survey
  • Driven to by UGC, a One-Day-Max In-Feed Ad and a TopView Lite included within the bundle
  • Multiple in-app entry routes; Discover Page Banner, campaign hashtag, Music Page Recommendation

Branded Effects
Generate brand awareness and engagement on a global scale with creative Branded Effects that seamlessly weave your brand into our users’ most memorable moments.

  • Bespoke and branded 2D, 3D and AR effects
  • Unique gestures that let users trigger and control the effects
  • Additional engagement features such as CTAs and QR codes

The company goes further to help companies and marketers better understand this new platform by outlining what ad options would best the primary objectives.

If your client or business is looking to focus on Awareness TikTok suggests using TopView, TopView Lite and In-Feed Ads as these objectives concentrate on strong views, impressions and click-throughs.  

For Consideration, which they describe as a new promotion, sale or launch, the best options are to use TopView and In-Feed Ads as they measure CTR.  TopView obtains a CTR’s at 15-20% and In-Feed Ads receive 2-5%. 

If you are looking to boost your company's branding and connect with your audience by Engaging with them more then there are few options TikTok has to offer. Branded Hashtag Challenge, Branded Hashtag Challenge PLUS and Branded Effects encourage the creation of UGC and attract likes, comments and shares. 

Conversions are one of the most important objectives to marketers and businesses. If you want landing page visits or app installs are the focus of your campaign there are two ad objectives that should be considered. In-Feed Ads allow you to send users to your website or app with clickable buttons, like ‘buy now’, ‘download now’ and ‘learn more’.

The last key element for any advertising platform is how their software measures success and what information you are given about your audience you are trying to target. 

There are three metrics that TikTok considers while measuring the success of campaigns on its platform: 

  • Real-time monitoring
    Follow campaign performance in a simple, efficient way through TikTok’s analytics dashboard, where you can customise the data displayed by audience segment, individual video or a combination of other criteria.
  • In-app data metrics
    Track data and download reports that are broken down by different dimensions like total cost, impressions, engagement rates, clicks, conversions, click rate, conversion rate, conversion cost and more.
  • Campaign tracking
    Analyse user behaviour with the help of TikTok Pixel, a digital tool that monitors how visitors interact with your campaign, including conversions and previously defined actions set by you.

All of these metrics are exactly what marketers and businesses need to know when promoting and spending money on a platform such as TikTok. Being able to understand what is working and what is not is key in ensuring a max return on ad spend. 

Although it may seem daunting that you may need to develop video content when you examine some of the companies in TikToks case studies, you see that not every brand is using high definition videos and animations. 

Since Covid-19 the platform has seen a huge rise in millennials, people born between 1981-1996, because of this TikTok may start to become an even bigger competitor for Instagram and Facebook where this generation is most prominent. 

If the platform delivers on everything it is claiming then TikTok may have just climbed the social media ladder to stand on top with the big players’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat & LinkedIn.

If you want to jump-start your online presence and reach the right audience, then contact one of our Social Media specialists today!

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