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Pay Per Click

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Cost effective and accountable, PPC marketing is a powerful, controllable way to improve your online visibility. We use a variety of ways to propel you up the search results list including paid search marketing, display marketing, remarketing and customer matching. We’re a registered PPC agency – a verified Google partner with two in-house Google-trained specialists.



Our PPC advertising search strategies are thoroughly researched and deeply considered. Although you’ll only pay if someone clicks on your ad, we ensure that the quality of your customers is higher than trusting it to chance. Paid search results now represent much that’s visible on screen after a person’s initial query. By bidding on keywords that offer you the best value, we’ll help to put you up there and ultimately find more qualified customers.



By identifying and advertising to customers who show affinity for your product or service we can help your marketing gain an efficient and competitive advantage. We’ll help you connect with relevant audiences within the Google Display Network by choosing the most appropriate web pages, videos, games, RSS feeds and mobile sites on which to place your ads.



Remarketing is another of our PPC services that enables you to engage with people who have been to your website but have yet to convert that visit to a sale or positive action. Dynamic remarketing lets you show those people ads for the actual product they viewed. Advertising doesn’t get more targeted or specific than that. It’s available on the big hitting platforms including Google, Facebook and Twitter.


Visually more interesting than text-only ads, shopping ads guide users to a sales opportunity in an engaging, compelling way. The rise in mobile shopping habits - 43% of search results clicks in Q1 of 2016 - has fuelled the popularity of this ad strategy. It’s also a great way for advertisers to present comparable or alternative products side by side on screen.


YouTube Ads

Online video content is quickly becoming the front runner of digital marketing. Video content is an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the surplus of textual information online. Every day 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched, that is a lot of hours being consumed by your target audience!


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